Notices Of Alleged Copyright Infringement

Live Sport Network is an Internet Service Provider offering a platform which merely displays links to content located on servers of third parties. The content is also maintained by these third parties. Live Sport Network does not host, transmit or maintain any audiovisual content and does not control nor influence any such content that becomes posted on the site. Live Sport Network as an isp cannot accept any liability for content transmitted or posted by third parties. Responsibility for content lies with the entity that hosts, transmits or maintains the content.

Live Sport Network as an Internet Service Provider for over 50,000 members is concerned with any allegations that illegal or unauthorised content is made available on the websites that are posted or hyperlinked from our site. Due to the number of links that are posted on a daily basis it is not possible for Live Sport Network to actively monitor the content of each hyperlink posted on our site on a continuous basis. However, Live Sport Network are willing and eager to take action in removing any links to alleged illegal content upon obtaining substantiated notice thereof. Live Sport Network will remove links to illegal content swiftly when notified. However, Live Sport Network cannot prevent replacement of links by site visitors or members. To prevent a link being replaced after removal from Live Sport Network, we advise a copyright holder to contact the owner of the website, url or entity where the content originates or is hosted.

If a copyright holder or agent thereof discover or have discovered any links to illegal and/or infringing content in the future a notification can be submitted to Live Sport Network to the physical address listed below. The notification must contain the following points of information:

• Identity of the company, agent, entity or copyright holder making the notification including physical signature of the person, agent or officer constructing their notification and their relationship to the copyright holder, agent or entity.
• Full details of the content you claim to be illegal and the grounds for such claims.
• Identification of the location of the alleged infringing content including the exact url, date and time of identification and a screenshot of the page where the alleged content is contained.
• Identification of the location of the link in our content which you are notifying us about including the exact url on our site where it has been located, screenshot of the webpage and the date and time you have identified the alleged content.
• Details of your mailing address, telephone number and email address.
• A statement in which you declare:
• i) That you have a good faith belief that the disputed use of the content is not authorised by the owner of the content or its agent;
• ii) That the disputed use is not permitted by law, e.g. under the Canadian Copyright Act where our site is hosted.
• iii) That prior to your notification you have already summoned the owner of the website, url or entity where the allegedly illegal content is hosted or transmitted and requested the owner to cease his or her illegal activity.
• iv) That the information in the notification is accurate to the best of your knowledge and under penalty of perjury that you are authorised to act for or on behalf of the owner of a right that has been allegedly infringed, broken or abused.
• v) That you indemnify Live Sport Network as an isp, all Live Sport Network affiliates and its and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and successors from any and all claims, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees), damages, penalties and liabilities incurred by by Live Sport Network as a result of the notice.

Upon receipt of a notice which complies with the notification procedures set out above Live Sport Network will seek to remove the identified link as soon as possible. For effective action all notices must be addressed and delivered to Live Sport Network as follows:

Live Sport Network,
27 Old Gloucester Street,

At Live Sport Network we have worked diligently to establish procedures that ensure compliance and that generate a prompt and accurate response to any notifications and complaints that we receive. In order to assist us in maintaining these procedures and to ensure the rapid process of any complaint or notice please ensure that you comply with all the procedures for notification set forth above.

Live Sport Network
January 2010

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