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There’s no guarantee that you’ll get tickets to the most important football games.  There’s no guarantee, either, that your sports television channel is going to air your long-awaited game or that your viewing pleasure will not be interrupted by so many television commercials.  You may subscribe to Pay-TV but in the crucial part of the game, who’s to say that you’re not going to run out of viewing credits?


Give yourself more control over your football watching entertainment.  Transform your personal computer into your very own football game TV without hassle, without fuss and at a very low cost by signing up with

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You’ll never have to worry about missing a long-anticipated football game ever again.  You’ll never have to worry about diminishing credits either.  With a subscription package, gain access to a full year of football-watching frenzy for free!


The subscription costs only £9.99.  For this meager amount, you can watch unlimited live football through your personal computer.  As long as you have your computer and an internet connection, you just have to log in and you’re all set.  Broadband internet connection is not even required, though it is, of course, preferred. has scores of football feeds to satisfy your appetite.  Watch local UK football teams fight it out in the field.  Go international and watch European teams struggle for supremacy.


Watch Live Football:  Truly Convenient


Anytime you wish to watch live football, you can if you are a member of  If you’re traveling, you won’t need to miss your game either.  All you need to do is to set up your laptop, connect your modem to the phone jack and watch the football action unfold on your computer screen.


By becoming a member of, you can watch live football to your heart’s content, wherever you are and anytime you wish to see football action.

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