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Similar to other countries of the world, Italy also has its own top football league called Serie A.  The sponsor for Serie A is actually Italy’s top mobile phone service provider, Telecom Italia Mobile (also known as TIM), making Serie A’s official name “Serie A TIM.”  Serie A was originally founded during the year 1898, making it one of the world’s oldest football leagues; however, during this time the league was structured differently than it is today.  The teams were actually separated into regional groups, but in 1929 the structure of Serie A was reformed and is considered by many to be more organized than the original.


Since the year 2004, twenty teams comprise Serie A and each team plays a total of 38 games in a season (comprising a total of 380 games for the entire season).  The format followed by Serie A is extremely functional, with the season divided into two halves.  During the first half of the season (called the “andata”) each team will play every other team once – half of the teams will play in their home stadium and the other half will be playing “away” games.  During the second half of the season (called “ritorno”) each team will play every team that they played before in the exact same order, however the home games and away games are switched.  Every team that played an away game before will play that exact same team but in their home stadium.  Many fans of Serie A agree that this format is easy to follow and keep up with as far as scores are concerned.


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Every season in the Serie A begins in August or September and this year’s season (known as the Serie A TIM 2006/07 season) began September 10, 2006.  Although there were some scandals in both this season and the 2005/2006 season, Serie A continues to be the hottest and most watched sport in Italy today.  You certainly don’t want to miss out watching live Serie A if you get the chance!


The top goalscorers in the Serie A this season are Francesco Totti of the AS Roma team with 18 goals scored, followed by Luca Toni of the Fiorentina team with sixteen goals scored as well as Rolando Bianchi of Reggina, Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Internazionale and Christiano Lucarelli of Livorno, each having scored fifteen goals.


You don’t have to be Italian or even live in Italy to be a fan of Serie A TIM.  There are many fans of this league that stretch out across the globe and watch live Serie A.  Although the Serie A TIM 2006/2007 season is almost over, be sure to catch the championships live if you can, which will take place in May.  If you miss this season, be sure to watch Serie A live in the 2007/2008 season!

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