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Juventus is one of the oldest and most successful clubs in Italian football history. Also called the old lady, the club has won the maximum number of titles in Serie A and has also performed admirably in Europe.

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2010/11 Season

With a new president and manager, the expectations are high at Juventus this year. For a club with such a rich history, 7 seasons without any real success is far too long.


There has been no lack of ambition stated in the transfer market. Milos Krasnic has been brought in from CSKA Moscow to bolster the midfield while defender Leonardo Bonucci was tempted away from Bari for around €15M, a fee similar to that of Krasnic. Catanai forward Jorge Martinez cost Juventus €12M and the Uruguayan will be joined by Simone Pepe who comes in on loan from Udinese.


They have made additional signings which include a couple of English Premier League stars. French defender Armand Traore has left Arsenal on loan whilst Alberto Aquilani arrives at Juve on a similar basis from Liverpool. Others now on the squad list include Davide Lanzafame (loan from Palermo), Marco Motta and Leandro Rinaudo to strengthen the defence, and Marco Storari allows further competition for the goal-keeping position following his transfer from Milan.


There is no doubt about the pressure that Luigi Delneri will be under to deliver silverware this year. Domestic success which revolves around the Scudetto is a given but a return to the heady days of European glory is what drives Juventus. 

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After being formed in 1897 by a group of teenagers, the club followed a steady rise to win their first championship before the First World War. Soon after, however, the aforementioned war and several personal problems led to a slight downfall in the team’s success.


However, in 1923 Edoardo Agnelli took over the team. Under his direction and leadership, Juventus began to lay the foundations of their future success. All in all, the team won six championships under Agnelli before the Second World War began, including five in a row. And the rest has been, as they say, history. All in all, Juventus FC has won an unbelievable 27 championships in their 110 year history and have finished in second place another 19 times. They have also won seven UEFA sponsored international events to further supplement their sparkling history.


Juventus FC plays at the Stadio delle Alpi. While this is the home for Juventus players for Serie A games, temporarily they played elsewhere during their exile in Serie B. In the 2007-08 season, however, Juventus made a triumphant return to the Stadio delle Alpi in which they have played in since 1990. This stadium is able to hold near sixty-eight thousand fans on a nightly basis. However, the poor location of the stadium sometimes causes Juventus to have less-than-full houses at games. In fact, on three separate occasions in the last ten years, Juventus has had less than a thousand fans in their football matches. 


Unfortunately for Juventus, recent years have not been very beneficial to the club. After winning the live Serie A title twice, the team was subsequently accused of fixing matches and committing other illegal on-the-field acts to win games. Behind the scenes, the manager had reportedly paid off or threatened referees to help Juventus win matches. Along with three other teams they were eventually found guilty of this charge. The punishments were severe. Not only was the team stripped of two of their hard-fought championships, they were also relegated to Serie B. The latter act caused many marquee players to jump ship for teams playing in the countries top league.

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On the bright side, however, Juventus FC did not take their relegation and pout and moan for very long. A stellar first season in Serie B saw Juventus not only ensure they would once again be in the big league again the next season, but also saw them win the Serie B title. While this accomplishment may seem small and worthless, the truth is that it is exactly what the club needed. With such a large scandal hanging over their head, the team’s success in the second league indicated that Juventus had recovered from their recent past troubles and were ready to contend again.


With years of managerial experience, Claudio Ranieri was an ideal choice to lead the team in their drive to return the previous dizzy heights of domestic and European trophy winners. The former Chelsea boss whose popularity with both players and fans did not endear him to owner Roman Abramovich and who was affectionately nicknamed the Tinker man ,subsequently left Stamford Bridge and returned to management in Italy, with Parma. A short but successful stint allowed Parma to avoid what seemed an interminable slide towards relegation and the post-season announcement that Ranieri would be leaving the club was followed almost immediately by his installation in the Juve hot seat.


But the season was a tough one for Ranieri, who was eventually replaced by Ferrara with just a handful of games left to finish the season. Ferrara lasted until early into the New Year when he was replaced by Alberto Zaccheroni. He fared little better and after another trophy-less season, and a change of club president, was himself replaced by Luigi Delneri.


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