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Although the term “Bundesliga” in Germany refers to any premier league or the highest level of any sport, however, when the term is used alone (instead of “Bundesliga basketball or Bundesliga gymnastics) it refers to the top football league in Germany. The Bundesliga tournament or competition will actually determine the national champions of football, making it one of the most popular and most watched sports in Germany right now.


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While many other countries in Europe developed their premier football leagues early, Germany did not develop Bundesliga until the early 1960’s – 1963 to be exact. Even then, Germany football and its players did not have everything straight because Bundesliga and it’s teams, formations and structure have undergone radical changes and movements in recent years – and it may still be changing in years to come. Regardless of its instability, however, Bundesliga remains one of the most popular football leagues in Europe and is watched by many live football fans – not just in Germany!


Bundesliga is actually divided into two separate leagues – Bundesliga refers to the top league or the premier league and Bundesliga 2 (also known as Zwiete Liga) is the second league underneath the premier league. Actually, the second Bundesliga has actually only been in play since the year 1974 – eleven years after the formation of the first Bundesliga, or the premier league. Any league that is below the Bundesliga or Bundesliga 2 (Zwiete Liga) is considered an amateur league – just about every football player in Germany strives for membership in the Bundesliga or the Bundesliga 2 because along with it comes International recognition and a level of professionalism that had been previously unmatched by membership in any other league.


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Players in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 leagues (especially players in the premier league) draw more crowds, make more revenues from television broadcasts and in general, the high levels of fan attendance and recognition draws in great sponsorships and money for bigger and better stadiums. Although it may seem that Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 are still up and coming, many people in Germany and other countries are following their games and becoming hardcore fans of both leagues – watch a live Bundesliga game and see for yourself the excitement that surrounds the top two leagues compared to the amateur leagues – you’ll be surprised!


Since Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 are relatively new to German football leagues, records for goalkeeping and appearances are still kept even for the beginning seasons. The highest scoring player of all time in the premier league was Gerd Muller of FC Bayern Munchen during the years 1965-1979. During the 2006/2007 season, however, the top goalscorer is none other than Theofanis Gekas of the VfL Bochum team, having scored a whopping sixteen goals since last fall alone. 


Although Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 are still undergoing changes and reformations, if both leagues continue on the path they are on now, in no time they will be one of the world’s top premier football leagues with legions of fans!

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